CMM RC18601 Series

From the base machine structure point of view, RC18601 utilized comprehensive CAD techniques including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Module Analysis, with the result of improved thermal, dimensional/torsional, and geometrical stability and reduces structural deflection and the effects of vibrations and thermal variation on measuring performance. Wrap-around air bearing design optimizes the axis kinematics movement.

Therefore the whole system characterizes the optimum measuring repeatability and long-term system consistency.


The mechanical structure uses movable bridge type, with stable movement, reliable accuracy and beautiful appearance. Currently, it is the most common small and medium-sized measuring device that is widely used.

  • The work table, beam and Z-axis are all well-ground from natural black granite with low coefficient of thermal expansion and little temperature change. And ensure the three axes have the same thermodynamic state, which changes linearly with temperature, preventing deformation and distortion of the measurement space.
  • Fully enclosed three-axis design structure, prestressed air bearing encircling design, bearing system adopts self-cleaning and small hole throttling technology, ensuring high rigidity and large load-carrying capacity of the three-axis guide rail, ensuring zero wear and smooth operation;

The finite element analysis modular design structure ensures stability and is very convenient for operation and maintenance; The integrated design of the whole device improves the impact resistance and mechanical precision of the device, and ensures excellent dynamics and long-term stability of the device.

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