About Us

Roshel Co (Rahyaf Vazin Shahin Layegh) by providing of wide range of business and commercial services is along with you in starting and developing of business activities.

ROSHEL Co. presents its services to customers in various fields. From business and legal advice to import and export of all kinds of manufactured products, import of raw materials, production line machines, spare parts and solving customs and tax cases are services that will be provided to the customers by the experienced experts of this company.

By having business partner offices in Hanover, Germany and Shandong Province, China, we will connect you to the commercial and industrial channels of the world, and by supporting of 30 years experience, knowledge, and excellent services, we will guarantee your business success.

In the year 2021, ROSHEL company by starting joint venture relation with the knowledge-based, industrial and commercial companies: Docaide of Canada, Yektamaschinenbau of Germany, Ardem Sanat Aria decided to complete its service cycle to the valuable customers of this group.

We are always beside you on the way to success.